Welcome to the NISMEC (Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative) Wiki!

This wiki is a place where teachers and instructors can work together to create vibrant STEM classrooms in Northern Indiana through:
  • Being a place for you to share your experiences from summer workshops and trainings
  • Being a place for you to discuss real classroom problems as you encounter them

Beginners: If wikis are new to you, here are some resources to get you started:
  • Reading a wiki - note the navigation section to the left - in audio and video
  • Posting a comment on a wiki
  • How to keep up when you are swamped with school duties
  • A few cool things you can do with this wiki

More Advanced: If this is all familiar to you, what are you waiting for -> get started:
  • add new content for others
  • comment on the current content
  • add new pages
  • etc., etc., etc.

    • Keep in mind that you can't make a mistake in this environment - the "History" allows you or someone else to recreate a page that doesn't look quite right. Also, others with more experience can go through and change things to make them more understandable.